Meditation - My Other Half!

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Kriya is a series of posture, breath and sound work to simultaneously awaken the mind/body spirit  

I found meditation four years ago after a series of life-changing events woke me up. But I had trouble sticking with it. I felt discouraged because I never seemed to have a quiet, distraction-free 30 minutes to 'empty my mind' (what is that, really?).  

One Friday night I needed the reset so badly, I decided to do it with my dogs leaning on me and the boisterous sounds of the Philadelphia streets right outside my door.  AHA. Turns out this is the way to go.  

Now I teach people to practice amidst the buzz and hum of life. My kriya sessions welcome the distractions of daily life, and give you the tools to tune in and practice with all that goes on around you.  I teach in city parks, on rooftops, and at businesses, co-working spaces, events and conferences. Meditation doesn't need to be serious, only intentional. When you have that down, you can do it anywhere.     

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